Born This Way: Legacy Admissions At Penn

Of Penn’s Class of 2022 early admission applicants, 25 percent benefitted from preferential admission. These students had better access to Penn’s campus, contact with admissions officers, and a better understanding of the college application process. Their parents and grandparents call Penn their alma mater, and often their siblings do too. Legacy students, in many ways, are primed from birth on how to tackle the precipitous hurdle that is elite college admissions. They grow up hearing about Pe

VAUX is Philly's New Twist On The Vegas-Style Wedding Chapel

VAUX Is Philly’s New Twist on the Vegas-Style Wedding Chapel Small wedding chapels only exist in Vegas, right? Not according to Monica Welsh, the owner of Philadelphia’s newest small wedding chapel, VAUX Studio. The Midtown Village space, ideal for small and intimate weddings, can host about 12-25 guests at a time, and even offers creative workshops like calligraphy class. Despite being small, this multi-purpose Wedding Venue can do it all, and save budget-minded couples some money along the wa

Everything You Need to Know About Quaker Wedding Ceremonies

How To Marry Yourselves: Everything You Need to Know About Quaker Wedding Ceremonies Did you know as a couple you can actually marry yourselves? It’s true, and Pennsylvania is one of the only places you can do it. With a Quaker wedding, there is no officiant present at the wedding ceremony — a few witnesses and their signatures is all you need. With this traditional wedding custom going mainstream, people in Philly are getting married in all sorts of places that suit their personalities and sty

You and Your Friends Will Love Dae Bak

Nestled above the hectic, market–like ground floor of Philadelphia’s sits Dae Bak, a Korean eatery that opened its doors back in April. Dae Bak (which literally means “awesome” in Korean) is a hip but homey addition to an area already cluttered with restaurants. Once you make it onto the second floor of the Square and into the restaurant, warm color–changing lights reflect off of each wall, K–Pop softly plays over the buzz of conversation, and two giant TVs broadcast sports games, giving Dae Bak

The Night's Watch

Though guards are a constant fixture at resident hall entrances, most students tap their PennCards without glancing at the people behind the help desk. Street asked two intrepid reporters to observe one night of freshman activity between 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.—from the perspective of an Allied Barton guard. Andreas Pavlou (C ‘19) sat at the entrance of Hill College House and Haley Weiss (C ‘18) at the Upper Quad Gate. From their side of the desk, guards observe things we never see, and pick up on patt